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  1. University Hospitals Leuven

    For more than 80 years, the name University Hospitals Leuven has been a synonym for quality and innovative medical care. Respect for the diversity of all patient groups and attention for the person behind the patient have always been on top of the priority list. There are 1,955 beds in the University Hospitals Leuven, making it the largest university hospital in Belgium. More than 8800 enthusiastic employees do their utmost to provide diverse and specialist patient care and work continuously on improving and updating that care. The University Hospitals Leuven’s strength lies in combining innovative scientific research, high-standing academic training and quality patient care.

  2. National multiple sclerosis centre Melsbroek

    The national MS centre offers complete, safe and top-clinical and integrated care paths designed for people with MS and other neurological disorders.

  3. AZ Diest

    The aim of AZ Diest is to develop into a high-performance regional hospital that provides high quality care for the entire region in an efficient, customer-friendly and employee-friendly way, with further expansion of the medical offering in optimal harmony with the loco-regional care context and with streamlined referral flows to other organisations for specialised care.

  4. AZ Saint-Lucas Brugge

    The general hospital Saint-Lucas Bruges is an autonomous, medium-sized privately-owned hospital with a modern company culture and a healthy financial basis. With over 1,200 employees and 105 doctors, we treat more than 34,000 patients a year.

  5. AZ Glorieux Ronse

    It is the non-profit organisation Werken Glorieux’s assignment to provide high quality, affordable care to children, elderly and sick patients in a christian-evangelic inspiration, combining scientific knowledge and skill with attention, respect and helpfulness. After the example of the Reverend Father Stefaan Modest Glorieux, founder of the congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, special attention is given to the most vulnerable in our society. Every contact with the patient, a resident or a child entrusted in our care will show maximum appreciation for that unique person.

  6. AZ Saint-Blasius Dendermonde

    The AZ Saint-Blasius stands for medically justified care, accessible for everyone, with attention to every patient’s needs and perception.

  7. O.L.Vrouwziekenhuis Aalst-Asse-Ninove

    For everyone in need of curative and preventive healthcare, the O.L.Vrouwziekenhuis is the preferred hospital because it offers top-class medicine and care in combination with excellent supporting services, research and innovation; pushes out frontiers within medicine and other related activities; takes the patient’s physical health and wellbeing in all his aspects and in every stage of his life to heart.

  8. AZ Groeninge Kortrijk

    The vzw AZ Groeninge originated from the fusion between the social services hospital Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe hospital and the C.A.Z.K.-Groeninghe, which was in turn a fusion between the private christian hospitals Mary’s Providence, Saint Martin and Saint Nicolas. The Kortrijk general hospital Groeninge carries on the inspiration of the founding members in an up-to-date manner. This way its current and future vision is supported by age-old traditions and timeless experiences. This is achieved by acknowledging different beliefs, based on the unique and equal in every person. Tolerance is an explicit ethical commitment. We respect the other person as an individual and respect his beliefs. This is not an easy task which can only be achieved by listening to one another carefully and respecting the various opinions.

  9. Medical Centre for General Practitioners

    The Medical Centre for family doctors (MCH) was established in 1966 by family doctors and has since then developed into a fixed value for the family doctor and his patients. In essence, the MCH is an outpatient clinic (consultation centre) with a Leuven and a Wezembeek-Oppem branch. Consultation after referral is the best guarantee for a close cooperation between your GP and the doctor-specialist. This is why we feel a referral letter is important. In both centres, about 60 specialists hold their consultation. They also have a medical imaging department at their disposal. The outpatient clinic is inseparably linked to the laboratory where your GP can have blood and other analyses carried out. The laboratory of the MCH has a widespread reputation because of its high quality and smooth service for the patient.

  10. Regional Hospital Saint Trudo

    With its 310 beds, the Regionaal Ziekenhuis Sint-Trudo is the local hospital for the region of southwest Limburg and southern Flemish-Brabant.
    In the strongly evolving care environment, our hospital has fully chosen the path towards a modern and forward-looking hospital by continuously investing in both the construction of new buildings and innovative medical appliances and in attracting highly qualified staff. In this setting, patients are well-cared for and staff are able to give the best of themselves with all the necessary guidance and coaching.

  11. AZ Herentals

    The hospital in Herentals aims to provide sound, high-quality patient-friendly second line care: on the one hand in cooperation with the GPs and on the other with the university hospitals and other care centres. There are about 600 employees and some 90 physician-specialists.

  12. Pulderbos – rehabilitation centre for children and adolescents

    Pulderbos is a specialised rehabilitation and expertise centre for children and adolescents. The rehabilitation centre operates on demand and responds to current social needs that occur in the care for children en adolescents with a complex chronic disorder. The campus also houses a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school.

  13. AZ Sint-Maarten

    The general hospital Sint-Maarten is a large regional hospital with 660 hospital beds and more than 80 places in the outpatient clinic. Our mission is to provide professional, accessible and affordable care for the society of the greater Mechelen area. In addition, the care we provide is based on respect, openness, quality and cooperation. In 2018 the three current campuses will be brought together into one hypermodern new hospital in Mechelen. Construction has been ongoing since October 2013. Together with some 20 other care and welfare institutions, the AZ Sint-Maarten is part of the non-profit organisation Emmaüs, a christian-inspired healthcare institution.

  14. Regional Hospital of the Sacred Heart

    The medium-sized Regional Hospital of the Sacred Heart (Regionaal Ziekenhuis Heilig Hart) wants to offer care on a human scale for the population of the wider Leuven region. A hospital that can bring care close to the people and a hospital which belongs to their familiar surroundings. The Regional Hospital of the Sacred Heart is located in the heart of the city of Leuven: a medium-sized hospital with 287 certified beds, complemented with an ever-expanding outpatient clinic with sparkling activity.

  15. AZ Turnhout

    AZ Turnhout is a large regional hospital with 650 beds, spread over 2 campuses: the Saint-Joseph campus and the Saint-Elisabeth campus. Every day we have 180 physicians and 1800 employees at the ready to provide the Campine patient with specialised and affordable care close to home. This we do in collaboration with other hospitals and care providers in our region. Our four core values commitment, empathy, entrepreneurship and cooperation are the basis for humane care at AZ Turnhout.

  16. AZ Sint-Jozef Malle

    The general hospital Sint-Jozef Malle is a regional hospital with 250 hospital beds and more than 60 places in the outpatient clinic. Our mission is to provide professional and warm care for the society of the greater Voorkempen area. In addition, the care we provide is based on respect, openness, quality and cooperation. Together with some 20 other care and welfare institutions, the AZ Sint-Jozef Malle is part of the non-profit organisation Emmaüs, a christian-inspired healthcare institution.

  17. Maria Hospital Overpelt

    The Maria Hospital is a modern, acute care hospital with 363 beds located in Northern Limburg. The hospital is strongly committed to the further development of the emergency medical services and services that are not sufficiently present in the region. The slogan "People care ... for people" was deliberately chosen: more than 1000 employees and 100 physicians work together on high quality and patient-oriented care. The Maria Hospital strives to be the first choice for people and partners in the region.

  18. AZ Damiaan

    The AZ Damiaan Ostend is a forward-thinking general hospital which was established on 1 January 1999 after the fusion between the general hospital H. Hart and the general hospital Sint-Josef.
    Christian inspiration drives AZ Damiaan to high quality healthcare that knows how to respond to rapid evolutions which so characterise this sector. This way, healthcare can be guaranteed for the population of Ostend and its surrounding areas in a continuous and fitting way. The care provided is aimed at infants, children, adolescents, adults as well as elderly people.
    The AZ Damiaan aims to be the reference centre of the regional healthcare for the coast’s population.

  19. AZ Sint-Jan

    The AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV is a public hospital with 1238 certified beds. Its main assignment is to provide a wide-spectrum of good hospital care at an acceptable cost.
    The vision and mission “Innovative reference care for everyone” is executed on the three campuses: Sint-Jan and Sint-Franciscus Xaverius, both located in Bruges, and Henri Serruys, located in Ostend.

  20. Jan Yperman Hospital

    The Jan Yperman Hospital is a 1998 fusion between the Kliniek Zwarte Zusters and the OLV Hospital from Ypres and the Maria Hospital from Poperinge. After the fusion of the three campuses, all activities were centralised on one campus only, while maintaining one satellite in Poperinge. The Jan Yperman Hospital provides medical specialist, high-technological and multidisciplinary care with a heart for everyone.
    Quality, patient safety, comfort and teamwork are the pillars on which Jan Yperman rests.
    A sense of responsibility, openness and honesty, loyalty and respect are the values on which our attitude and actions towards patients, each other and the outside world are based.

  21. Algemeen Stedelijk Ziekenhuis Aalst-Geraardsbergen-Wetteren

    The 568 certified beds of the Algemeen Stedelijk Ziekenhuis (ASZ) provide high-quality medical and nursing care in three locations: Aalst, Geraardsbergen and Wetteren. This commitment translates itself in the vision of this autonomous care institution. Its subsequent goals apply to all levels within ASZ: complete customer satisfaction, proud and motivated employees that cooperate in a pleasant professional atmosphere, satisfied care partners, excellent, qualitative, innovative and patient-centred care, supra-regional recognition and cooperation and professional management with sustainable and dynamic entrepreneurship.

  22. Jessa Hasselt

  23. Heilig Hart Tienen

  24. Heilig Hart Mol

  25. Revarte Antwerpen

  26. Imeldaziekenhuis Bonheiden

  27. Sint-Franciskus Ziekenhuis

  28. Revalidatieziekenhuis Inkendaal

  29. AZ Vesalius