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What is the nexuzhealth code card?

codekaart voorbeeld

The nexuzhealth code card allows you to log in to mynexuzhealth easily and securely. You can request this card personally at the hospital or via this link: request code card.

You must use the code card in combination with a user name and password. You will receive this when you request the code card. The code card has 24 codes which are alternately requested when you log in

How do I log in with the code card?

You log in to as follows:

  1. Choose Login with my nexuzhealth code card.
  2. Enter your user name and password.
    Your user name is one of the following:

You received your password when you requested the code card.

  • Enter the requested code on the code card. This is one of the 24 codes of the code card.
    For instance, if "code 8" is requested, enter the code on the card next to number 8.

Once you have logged in to mynexuzhealth, you can change your user name and password.

What must I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password you can request a new password online: Forgot your password?

Where can I request the code card?

Only patients already known to the hospital are able to request a code card.

There are two ways to request a code card: online or at the hospital.

Online request

If you are a known patient with Belgian nationality you can request the code card online via this link: request code card.

The code card will be posted to your home address.

  • During the request procedure you need to identify yourself with your national register number and an e-mail address.
  • Further instructions for the request will be sent immediately to this e-mail address.
  • After confirming the request, you receive an e-mail with your password as a new user.
  • You also receive a confirmation mail that your code card will be posted to your home address.

Request in the hospital

When you are in the hospital, you can ask to have the code card printed, together with your user name and password. You will have all the information to log in from your home.

Ask a care provider. 

Where can I request my code card as a non-Belgian patient?

Foreign patients do not have a national register number and are therefore unable to request a code card online.

You can request the code card when you are at the hospital. Ask the care provider to print the code card for you.

Where can I find my national register number?

You will find your national register number on the back of your identity card. View examples.

Where can I find my EAD no.?

You find your EAD number on all hospital invoices and most hospital letters. View examples.

How can I block my code card?

In case of loss or theft you should block your code card. You can do this online: block code card.

Later you can request a new code card via the normal application procedure. Your password stays the same.


How do I log in with my identity card?

More explanation and instructions about logging in with an eID.

What is itsme®?

Itsme® is an app on your smartphone that allows you to securely log in to a number of websites or applications including mynexuzhealth.

Download and install the app on your smartphone.


As a parent, can I access the mynexuzhealth record of my under-age children (up to 15 years)?

Go to Messages in your mynexuzhealth-dossier, select the address 'Parent/child link' and provide the full name and national register number of your child(ren) under the age of 15. You will be informed as soon as the patient record of your child(ren) is linked to your own patient record. From then on you can log in to your own mynexuzhealth file and switch between the linked patient records via the menu beneath your own name.

Note: medical reports of your children up to 15 years old are not available to all nexuzhealth partners. However, you can request a copy - for more details see Can I request a copy of my record?

As a patient, can I give my partner, parents, children over the age of 15 ... access to my mynexuzhealth record?

This can only be due if you have power of attorney from the patient.

Designation of a trusted person

Download the form, and return it once it has been completed and signed by the patient. It can be returned via Messages in mynexuzhealth,  select the UZ Leuven address (also when you are a patient in another hospital) and choose the ‘Patient-related support’ service. Or send the form by email or post to your hospital’s ombudsman service. 

A trusted person can

  • enquire about the patient’s state of health and its likely development
  • inspect the patient record
  • request a copy of this patient record

Designation of a representative

Download this form to represent the patient if he/she is unable to make decisions about the healthcare to be provided or to exercise his/her rights as a patient. Return it once it has been completed and signed by yourself and by the patient. It can be returned via Messages in mynexuzhealth to the ‘Patient-related support’ service or by email or post to your hospital’s ombudsman service.

With this form, you as a patient can request the revocation of the designated representative.

Can I request a copy of my record?

As a patient you may request a copy of your medical file (at cost price). After the patient’s death, only indirect access to the patient record is possible, via a professional practitioner. You will find the necessary forms here.

Who still has access to my record?

Information about your privacy and who has access to your file can be found here. Under ‘Access’, you will find a list of the GP(s), caregivers and any trusted person or representative with access to your mynexuzhealth record.

Your GP has automatic access to your file. If you do not want this, you can report this at the registration desk of your hospital or revoke access in
Other referrers do not have automatic access to your nexuzhealth file. If you want them to have access, you must give permission for this at the referrer himself or at the hospital's registration desk. If you want to subsequently deny a referrer access to your file, you can also go to the registration desk or to


Points to consider when consulting reports

As a patient of a nexuzhealth hospital you have direct access to the medical records and documents from your electronic patient file.
Your file may contain certain medical terms or other data that are not clear to you or that raise questions. The available information was after all not edited and not adjusted in terms of language, content or form. Moreover, reports are not only drawn up on the basis of elements that are established during the examination, the consultation, the procedure or the contact, but also on the basis of information that is already present in your patient file.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Discuss this with your doctor or treating physician during a consultation. Questions about your file cannot be discussed by telephone or mail.

Certain reports are not (immediately) visible through this application because they have not yet been validated or because your treating team has designated them as a protected report. Protected reports may contain data about third parties or data that fall under the term 'therapeutic exception'.

Information from your electronic patient file is strictly personal and confidential. Handle it with care and do not share information with third parties who are not entitled to it. Nexuzhealth is not responsible for any damage, of whatever nature and size, that is caused directly or indirectly by sharing information from your patient file with third parties.

Missing reports

What you see depends on the nexuzhealth partner to which the report belongs. Under the heading 'Your hospital' you will find the status of acces to the electronic patient file (reports) for each partner.

The first reports that are shown via mynexuzhealth date from 15/08/2016 or more recently. Reports from before 15/08/2016 are not available in mynexuzhealth.

If you want a copy of your file, please contact the 'Patient record access/copies' service of your nexuzhealth partner. Your file will then be made available on paper.


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    Can I consult mynexuzhealth on my mijn smartphone or tablet?


    Unable to find a solution to your problem? Contact the mynexuzhealth helpdesk via this web form or by phone on 016 34 83 48 (weekdays only, between 9 am and midday and between 1.30 pm and 4 pm).

    If you are at your computer, the helpdesk employees will be able to evaluate the problem better via teamviewer.